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Sunday School Teacher Training at First Congregational Church, Alameda has taken many forms over the years.  The format is very much dependant on the goals set forth.  Why do we do this training?  We’ve been stuck in a rut, it’s not a BAD rut per say, but our needs are shifting and therefore so is our format.  Our congregation is growing at a time when many churches are experiencing decline.  Our Sunday School program is seeing that growth in number of actively participating families and that is WONDERFUL news!  It also means, our classes are getting bigger, and our teachers needs are shifting as well.  Our training has been and will remain focused on three key elements: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Safety.


The Physical Safety of our children is our first and foremost concern as a community and as teachers. If a child is not safe, they will not learn-this is true at school, at home, at extra-curricular activities, and at church. Below, you will find all the documents you will want to be familiar with BEFORE you begin teaching Sunday School. A completed background check in REQUIRED for all teachers. If you feel you do not meet the expectations outlined in the Policy for Volunteers with Children,but would like to teach or assist in Sunday School or the Nursery, please connect with Rev. Laura.
In the event of an emergency, our primary exit is out the gallery past the church office, down the stairs to Chestnut Street. and gather with the rest of the community at the corner of Chestnut and Alameda.  At NO TIME should a child or youth be excused by anyone (including a parent) without checking in with a staff member. This is to ensure that all who were present have safely made it out of the building.  Our secondary exit from the gallery is through the Miracle Room, down the stairs, out onto the back patio and then out through the Central Street gates (key is located directly inside the door just above eye-line).If a child is injured and unable to move, it is recommended that you as the teacher take note of exactly where they are and how best to locate them, take the rest of your class out to safety and immediately report the location of the missing child so they can be retrieved and assisted by professionals.  If you cannot leave the child behind (really, it’d be HARD to do), then it is your responsibility to get your class to another teacher, and tell them where you and the injured child are.  If you are the one who is injured, a staff member will come checking the classrooms and ensure the safe exit of your class and report your location.Should you suspect a child (or frankly anyone) is experiencing neglect or abuse, please speak with Rev. Laura IMMEDIATELY.  We are responsible for the health and wellbeing of our community, and Rev. Laura has training in what to do next if abuse is suspected.


The Emotional Safety of our children is our next concern after their physical safety.  FCCA strives to be an open and welcoming environment for all who cross our threshholds.  This includes our children 100%.  We are called by God to live in community, and we will not settle for a community which is not rooted in Love and Acceptance.  The best way to help our children to develop their own relationships with God is to create a relationship with them which is emotionall safe-we must be a place where our children feel safe enough to open up about their lives, their questions, their experiences of the Holy no matter what.


Spiritual Safety is our ultimate goal.  We want to be the place where children are welcomed with their questions.  Growing up is hard, and growing up in a society which no longer values the Spiritual Lives of people in the ways of the past is even harder.  We are here to be that safe space, to hold sacred the questions and experiences which form us as we grow in relationship with God and God’s son, Jesus Christ.We cannot get to the point of offering Spiritual Safety without first ensuring Physical and Emotional Safety is taken care of.  By being a place of spiritual safety, we mean that we are a community where respect for all expressions of spirituality are held to be sacred and of utmost importance.  This is a high calling to be sure, and the best advice I’ve ever gotten on the creation and maintanance of spiritual safety, is to gently ask open ended questions and respectfully honor whatever answers may come.



Most Sundays:
10:30 AM – Worship
10:45 AM – Children’s Time in Sanctuary
10:50 AM – Sunday School
Gathering Song, “Come and Sit Together in a Circle of Friends”
Circle Time, Introductions, Passing the Children’s Offering Basket ($ Goes to the Alameda Animal Shelter)
Split into age-appropriate classes (Bunnies = 2.5-PreK, Lion Cubs = K-2nd Grade, Eagles = 3rd-5th Grade,                       YEAH = 6th-12th Grade)
Read the Biblical Story from your curriculum
Using the prompts, discuss the story

First Sunday of each month: Communion, children begin in Sunday School and will rejoin families for communion.  ALL are welcome at our table!

Third Sunday of each month: ARK Angels, K-12th Grade will gather for music together during Sunday School time!

Fourth Sunday of each month: Bunnies have special age-appropriate music time during Sunday School!

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Service Times & Directions

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.


Sacrament of Holy Communion the first Sunday of every month

Sunday School 10:45 and Nursery Care provided for infants and toddlers

11:45 A.M. Fellowship - Social Hall

12 Noon Youth Group - Youth Group Room

Visitors Are Always Welcome!

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