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July Communion Offering: Jubilee USA

July Communion Offering: Jubilee USA

The theme of Jubilee in the Bible has come to be understood as a message to prevent poverty and inequality. Jubilee USA has called for tackling the structural causes of poverty and canceling the debt of poor countries around the world. Their message is that instead of paying debt, resources should go to reducing poverty and providing healthcare and education for those most in need.

And, their efforts have paid off! Jubilee USA has won more than $130 billion in debt relief for the world’s poorest economies. Because of global agreements pushed by Jubilee USA, that $130 billion is invested in schools, hospitals and other social infrastructure.

With a small, dedicated staff Jubilee works to lobby Congress, the IMF, the G7 and G20 nations to legislate debt forgiveness, poverty reduction, and change tax, trade and transparency policies. They are working to build a world economy that serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. As a proud Jubilee USA member, FCCA takes a yearly Communion offering to assist this amazing organization. Please consider giving generously. Check or cash gifts can be placed in the Communion envelopes, or you can use the Tithely app (be sure to choose “July Communion offering-Jubilee” from the menu). You can visit www.jubileeusa.org for more information or to take more action by signing petitions or calling members of Congress.


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