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An Eye-Opening Visit To Planting Justice

An Eye-Opening Visit To Planting Justice

A small group from FCCA was given a tour of the Planting Justice nursery operation by Sol Mercado, re-entry coordinator, and Sal Mateo, Planting Justice co-director. Planting Justice is doing what politicians, cities, and prisons cannot: providing fair-wage jobs, hope, second chances, and healthy organic food in East Oakland all while operating a thriving, sustainable and profitable business. The nursery spans several acres on a street that borders the 880 freeway and railroad tracks. Sol and Sal showed us all around the nursery and explained how they use “mother” plants, planted around the property perimeter, to harvest cuttings which they then nurture and grow, and sell through their retail nursery business. They have over 1500 types of plants and are sought after by nurseries and landscapers around the country because of the unusual varieties of fruit trees they offer.

We look forward to continuing to partner with Planting Justice and supporting this amazing organization.

Take a look at their operation in this short video:


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