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Responding as a Community to the Israel/Palestine Conflict

“Our faith compels us to act in solidarity with all those who are calling for an end to the war and are committed to the protection of the vulnerable.”
—statement by the Church Council on March 19, 2024

A Ceasefire forum took place on March 10 in the fellowship hall where approximately 20 of us gathered at tables for conversation. We collectively engaged in a mindful, loving, and spirited conversation to discern how we as a community may be called to respond to the Israel/Palestine conflict. We explored questions identifying the roots of our faith, understanding a history of the conflict, and opening to what our calling may be. In the background was the knowledge that one outcome may be supporting the growing number of local churches hanging a Ceasefire banner, and possibly becoming one ourselves. A general degree of support for that action was discernible at each of the 3 tables of dialogue, with an emphasis on a public website statement to clarify our intent to support all who are working for a permanent ceasefire.

The Church Council met on March 19 to review the outcome of the forum and contemplate next steps. After careful deliberation, the Council voted to hang a banner, prepare a website statement, and continue supporting this opportunity for our community to stand in solidarity with others calling for peace and the protection of the vulnerable.

We are eager to hear your feedback, support, and concerns as this process unfolds. Please be in touch with Moderator Eric Hartz to share.


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