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The Pastor’s Offering: Love and Justice

Dear Beloveds,Rev. Lacey Hunter

The Rev. Dr. Cornel West is famously quoted proclaiming, “Justice is what love looks like in public.” Justice. Love. Both are words we lift up often and this Sunday is an invitation to dwell deeper with what they mean for us individually and collectively.

How do we practice justice daily? How are our actions and relationships shaped by justice? How does justice orient us to the world? What model of justice did Jesus embody, and how does the Creator and Spirit move in and among justice? We won’t answer all these questions but rather practice leaning in with curiosity and hope.

Members of FCCA’s Justice and Outreach Team, including Teri Kennedy, Joan Farnsworth and Rosalind Miller, will share testimonies about why they serve and what inspires them about Dine and Connect, Midway Shelter Meals and more.

Following worship all are invited to the Fellowship Time Justice Sunday forum, which will be a facilitated conversation with Rev. Lacey about the war in Palestine/Israel. This space will provide grounding practices, educational resources and an opportunity to reflect together on questions, concerns, challenges and next steps. This is a beginning. We will wrap up the conversation and fellowship time by 12:45pm.

As the Gospels remind us, how we treat one another is how we treat God. Let us join our hearts and hands and minds as we seek to treat God justly.

In communion,
rev. lacey


Image: Celeste Byers, Justice First


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