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The Pastor’s Offering: Praying for a Lasting Just Peace, Praying for a Ceasefire

Dear Beloveds,Rev. Lacey Hunter

On Sunday, December 6, I had the privilege of being in ceremony and action with hundreds of other faith leaders and congregants calling for a permanent ceasefire now in Gaza. People representing Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Indigenous, Sikh, and other diverse faiths gathered early in the morning, blanketed by fog, to mourn and honor those who have been killed these past two months − more than 16,200 Palestinians, with more than 7,100 of them children. As we linked arms and marched across the Golden Gate Bridge, our message was clear: Because all life is sacred, we demand our leaders call for a permanent and immediate Ceasefire.

In the words of former Alameda UMC pastor, Rev. Michael Yoshii, “The devastation and incomprehensible loss we are seeing in Palestine is a clear issue of justice. Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem are canceling their Christmas festivities this year in solidarity with Gazans as they honor the lives that have been lost. As Christians of conscience here in the U.S. we are speaking out today in solidarity, calling for a permanent Ceasefire and resolution of the core issue of the longstanding occupation.”

This action, as with all social justice organizing that I have been blessed to witness and join, reminded me what is possible when people come together in purposeful and grounded ways, to care for one another, to connect our hearts to the greater world, and to commit our lives to the life and freedom of all.

As we began marching towards the bridge, the fog lifted and a rainbow arced across the sky. Perhaps this is what it means to practice hope and joy in a weary world. May each day this season open our hearts to the vulnerability of God-with-us and connect us to the possibility of new life that is now and always dawning.

In the solidarity of prayer,
rev. lacey


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